The 4th iteration of its bi-annual Inter-House Sport tournament was held at Russell International School, Lekki, to encourage students’ competitive spirit and develop abilities.
Mrs. Nwanoneze, the school’s ED, said during the event at Eden’s Garden that the school places a high value on sporting events and encourages pupils to show off their athletic prowess. She also said it is an event they always look forward to and is seen as an opportunity for students to find expression through sport.

In fact, our students, parents, and staff demonstrated that they are champions in a variety of ways! What a spectacle it was.

How do we start? The thrill, the vitality, the colour, the good sportsmanship, and the laughter! It gave me such joy to see our pupils using their talents and having fun while doing so. Indeed, this was a really welcome way to let go, given the strain that the COVID lockdown inflicted on them by restricting physical exercise!

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